JOBS: 9  ADDRESSES: 17  PETS: 8  SPOUSES: 3  ALMA MATER: 1  True loyalty never diminishes, only intensifies. It is equal parts joy, tears, DNA. It cannot be bought, wooed, deprogrammed or moved away from. It is lifelong, and life itself. Accept it. Revere it. Revel in it.
  YOUR TRUE SCHOOL COLORS. In the light of day, Kelly green, burnt orange, midnight blue, crimson and silver trigger our passions and antipathies. Truth be told, they're pale representations of what pulses and surges deep within.
  49-0 or 0-49  Scoreboards fluctuate with every down. But the true fan never wavers. Whether the object of adoration is ranked top 10 or barely above Division II. Whether the end result is a Gatorade shower or just a bitter taste in the mouth.
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